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Barrels seem popular right now...
So there's a lot to do. I guess.

point seven

I gotta go out with tons of deliveries. For the winter, I guess... It's quite hectic around here, so it keeps my parents and brother busy from getting too pissed off at everything in general.
Everyone says that they're hiding and stuff, or that everyone is hiding and not showing up anywhere.

I got thrown out the house and they still ain't letting me in.

As if it's my fault that the business's stopped. It's the damn terrorists fault.

Anyplace I could borrow somewhere to sleep for a little while?

point five.

They've been.... strangely happy lately...

That's actually more scary than when they're always angry....

I wonder what they're planning.


point four.

I never thought I'd have a birthday worse than the one last year... I was wrong, apparently. Damn annoying, troublesome, assholes..

[[ooc: the text isn't properly scribbled out, because he was in a hurry. Some people who take the time should be able to read it.]]

point three. (for Taichi)

I think it's safe for me to go home now.


[[ooc: this is a note that Zaizen left for Dan on his bed or someplace where Dan is sure to find it. He went home when Dan was running an errand. ]]


Point two.

Need to buy a new bung borer... ow, it damnit hurts....

Point One. Nails, nails, nails...

Measure-pins; between 50 and 100.
Square Twisted Nails; a couple of hundreds.
Annular Nails; same.

I wish they could tell me a clear amount that is needed, instead of having me come home to find out I bought too few or too many.